What is Mediation?

Many separating couples would like to come to an agreement in relation to their children or financial affairs. They may not, however, be able to discuss the issues constructively between themselves. Mediation (using either one or two mediators) provides a safe confidential environment where our highly skilled mediators can assist clients to reach an agreement that each of them feel comfortable with.

Mediation is an alternative method of resolving all the practical difficulties that arise when a relationship ends. It is a voluntary process which the courts actively encourage involving you and your ex-partner meeting together with a impartial mediator or mediators to discuss the options available to you for sorting out your finances, ending your relationship formally and disagreements about your children. Unlike the court process mediation enables clients to come up with their own tailor made arrangements that not only work for each client but more importantly work for their children.

Divorce is rarely easy. From issues regarding your children to dividing up assets, it can be difficult – and distressing. We will do everything we can to find the settlement that works for you and your family in a way that keeps the emotional and financial cost to a minimum.

The mediator or mediators help you clarify what issues need resolution and what you hope to achieve. From there the mediators help you and your ex-partner explore options and reality test how the arrangements would work in practice. The mediators ensure that each person is given an opportunity of expressing their views and ensures that each client feels that they have been heard. If proposals can be reached these proposals are drawn up into a document. This document is not legally binding but you and your ex-partner can subsequently chose to turn the proposals into a legally binding agreement if you wish.

Although not within the court structure, mediation is conducted within the framework of the law and one of the key components of that framework is for both you and your ex-partner to give full and frank disclosure of your respective financial situations. All of the mediators in the service are trained in Family Law to enable them to provide impartial legal information to clients when required. The mediators will also work with clients in conjunction with their solicitors and when necessary will refer clients back to their solicitors.

How does it work?

As a mediation service we receive referrals from solicitors, the Court and from clients directly. When we receive a referral, we try and ensure that an appointment for an initial meeting is offered within 7 days.

Referrals can be made in writing, by email, fax or over the telephone.

We frequently receive referrals from the court and in this instance we ensure that we offer appointments to clients as a matter of urgency.

In addition to seeing couples we also provide mediation between family members including parents and children, grandparents, same sex couples etc.

The main office in Merthyr Tydfil is open on Saturdays if appointments are required and we can also offer out of hours appointments at the main office.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.