The Media and Family Mediation.

With mediation having featured on most of the soaps BBC 2 are now presenting a documentary called “Mr v Mrs Call the Mediator”. The documentary will be broadcast on Tuesday evening 9pm to 10pm. I am sure all mediators are hopeful that this will provide a positive insight into what mediation is and how it works.

What a shame that the program is called Mr V Mrs as this is terminology that even the Courts try to steer clear of and we certainly would not use in mediation!

Fingers crossed it will show mediation in a positive light We shall have to wait and see?


>Please check out this website for parents whose children need support during separation/divorce.

FAMILY MATTERS MEDIATION support Richard Bacon’s motion to bring in a bill for the introduction of a No Fault Divorce.

The bill to bring in provision for the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership when each party has separately made a declaration that the marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down will receive its second reading on the 11th March this year. The bill proposed by Richard Bacon MP would make it possible for couples to divorce on the basis that they both felt that the marriage had irretrievably broken down.
Currently the only ground for divorce is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. In support of that fact the Petitioner (ie the person issuing the proceedings) has to rely on one of five fact, adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, two or five years separation. As a result many people have no choice but to rely on unreasonable behaviour.
We meet many clients who feel that their marriage has broken down but who DO NOT want to rely on unreasonable behaviour.
At a time when people are encouraged to deal with their divorce without escalating conflict, particularly when they have children; it is sad that many people have no choice but to rely on unreasonable behaviour to obtain a divorce. The introduction of this bill will assist people to avoid unnecessary acrimony, which does nothing to assist clients or their co parenting.

Find out how mediation works first hand. Please click on the link below.

How can you help your children when separating? Try mediation.
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Family Matters Christmas Party


All the team at Family Matters would like to wish all our clients and all the services we work with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




 Are you a single parent ?  Did you know that if you and your former partner cannot agree on child maintenance and you use the Child Maintenance Service (formerly the CSA) you will be charged for doing so !!

If you are the applicant 4% will be deducted from any monies you receive and if you are the “Payor” you will have to pay an additional 20%.

“We can help you agree on child maintenance that will work for both of you and your child/ren.” Contact us today



Look no further….

We have a group of mediators working throughout 21 locations. We are able to offer URGENT/SHORT NOTICE appointments.

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As a result of demand we are pleased to confirm that we will be running this course again.  The venue will be the Castle Hotel and will attract 4 CPD points.  Would all those interested please contact either Demi or Rhian at the Merthyr office for further details.

20th May 2014.


We are proud to confirm that Annette Davies has obtained Senior Mediator Status.  This qualification is only granted to mediators who have shown excellence in the field of mediation and in their work with clients.  Well done Annette we are proud to have you in the team…

MIAMs COURSE  7.5.14

Family Matters would like to thank all the solicitors who recently attended our training day to learn about the new rules brought in by the Children and Family Act 2014.  As a result of the success of the course we will shortly be re-running the same to assist those who were unable to attend.  Should you like to secure a place please contact Rhian or Demi on 01685388709 or e mail   Solicitors who attended the course said “”Presented very well though friendly and felt able to interact” Jill Lewis, Lewis and Lines.  “Very enjoyable.  Tutor has excellent knowledge of subject. Glad I attended very worthwhile” Natalie Quartermaine, Evans Quartermaine.  “The course was very informative and taught me everything I need to know now about MIAMs” Charlotte Leyshon, Hugh James.

Family Matters will continue to be happy to work in conjunction with solicitors and other professionals for the benefit of clients.




 Stop Press 1.5.14

Gaynor Walsh and two other mediation providers met with The Minister of Justice Simon Hughes today at the Cardiff County Court.  The Minister of Justice is keen to ensure that divorcing and separating couples have access to mediation, to enable them to separate amicably, not only to benefit the clients but more importantly their children.  The Minister was in Cardiff to discuss ways in which the Government could assist mediation services to make sure that the public become aware of mediation.  Gaynor said  “the meeting was very encouraging and The Minister clearly took on board the concerns Mediators currently have that not enough is being done to publicise that in many instances legal aid is available for mediation and that approximately seven out of ten people are able to resolve their issues via mediation, and separate amicably”.



DO YOU NEED TO ISSUE PROCEEDINGS ?  Before you do so you are likely to have to attend at a MIAM meeting.

Under the new rules brought in on the 22nd April 2014, it will become compulsory for anyone seeking a court order in respect of children or financial issues to attend a (MIAMs) meeting i.e. a Mediation information and Assessment Meeting.

Anyone who attempts to issue a Court application will not be able to do so  unless they have evidence i.e. a Form FM1 to confirm that they have attended a MIAM meeting.

There will be some exceptions to those who have to attend at a MIAM meeting i.e. domestic abuse situation, child abduction…. To check if you will have to attend at a MIAM meeting contact us now on 01685388709.

Most clients find attending these meetings extremely helpful, and after attending the meeting, most clients decide to try mediation, as an alternative to Court proceedings.

Why have the new rules been brought in ?

This new rule is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity of finding out about mediation.  Mediation however remains voluntary and clients will not be obliged to enter into mediation unless they choose to do so.

The aim is to ensure that whenever possible people will have an opportunity of resolving their issues via mediation; mediation in many cases has been proved to make separation less stressful and less costly.  Mediation provides a safe and confidential environment, which enables people to come up with their own agreements in the hope that less people will end up in Court.

At Family Matters Mediation Ltd we will continue to be able to offer clients a MIAM meeting at short notice, at one of our many locations across South Wales.

Our service has always worked in conjunction with solicitors and other service providers and we will continue to do so..  We are pleased that by the introduction of this new rule it will mean that people will have the opportunity to find out about the benefits of mediation.

Dealing with issues via mediation can be far more cost effective and less stressful than litigation.  In many instances legal aid continues to be available for mediation.  We will automatically carry out an assessment to see if you qualify for legal aid.  If you do qualify, you are likely to also get legal aid to enable you to take advice from a solicitor.

Don’t delay call us or e mail us today for free information about mediation